Jasper Swallen

Hi! I'm a sophomore at USC looking to make a difference in the world through the intersection of STEM and humanities

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From Wisconsin

I was born and raised in beautiful rural Wisconsin. In high school, I was active in a wide variety of clubs.

USC Trojan

To Los Angeles

I am currently a freshman at the University of Southern California, studying to get my B.S. in Physics and Computer Science.

The World

And Beyond

While I do not know for certain what I will do with my life, I am certainly interested in a variety of (what I think are) interesting possibilities.

What I do

As a Physics and CS major, I balance the pure science of Physics with the practical uses of Computer Science

Computer Science

As a second year student, I have used coding in and out of the classroom. In school, I have primarily used C++. I have also participated in Hackathons (React.js, Node.js, Data Manipulation, etc.), developed iOS tweaks (Objective C and Logos), and made personal projects (C++/Python).


I am a firm believer that everyone can make a difference in the world, and I try to exemplify that. In high school, I was a founder of a club that raised $150,000+ to build a memorial to WWI veterans. Now that I am in college, I am attempting to bridge the gap between social issues & technology and science.


As a physics and computer science major, I am gaining invaluable lab and theoretical skills that apply to many facets of my life. Physics will expose me to more theoretical and literal issues, while computer science provides a framework to solving these issues.


While most STEM majors are focusing exclusively on STEM classes, I'm writing. Since I'm in Thematic Option, I have to balance a rigorous STEM courseload with difficult writing-based classes.

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